Fortunately (or unfortunately), I haven’t had the need to learn python in detail to carry out my main job functions. However, python has gained quite a lot of traction for data science and bioinformatics, thus I’ve decided to get up to speed during the few breaks I get.

Today I wanted to see how simple is to translate some very basic R code to python. Specifically, I wanted to see how to do the following in python:

  • Work with data frames
  • Simulate data
  • Perform linear regressions
  • Plot data

For this particular exercise I will create a data frame with simulated…

Recently I started making web applications using python. Given I am so unfamiliar with the frameworks available and that I’ve always wanted to learn how to do realtime applications with, I thought was a good idea to try to make a chat with flask, and angular as an exercise.

The back-end

So is a library that enables event-based communication between clients and a server. For this chat application, I thought the simplest thing would be to handle three different events:

  1. A user connect
  2. A user disconnects
  3. A user sends a message

To handle the first two events, this is…

Gabriel Cuellar Partida

I am a statistical geneticist. In my spare time I enjoy learning new web technologies.

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